Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The budding veteran

Just in case there are any high paid openings for Cycling Advisor to the Prime Minister in the next year, I didn't mean to sound mocking here.

After pontificating on Stephane Dion's worthiness to be the the Liberal leader without doing any research, it became obvious to me why news powerhouses like Larry King prefer to work without reviewing any background material.* It's easy! However, Larry King has a small leg up on me in that he actually ends up talking to the targets of his news program.

Since my previous "analysis", I watched Stephane Dion in an interview on the TV Ontario program called The Agenda with Steve Paikin. He explained a lot, and left me thinking "too bad he's not going to win."

My complaint about the Liberal Party's lack of performance on the environment should be primarily aimed at the people there with Cretien, since, as I didn't realize, Dion only took over the reigns of Environment Minister in mid-2004. He had one and a half years. I'm not going to apologize for him, but I'm open to hearing a list of the programs he put in place that were apparently canceled (I searched online and haven't found anything yet).

At first I was annoyed by all his pillar talk (the 3 pillars of the environment, social blah blah), but I've since realized that what I thought was an attempt at high gloss marketing aimed at amateur politicians, was more likely an amateur marketing campaign created by a low gloss geeky politician. Maybe it was successful since I actually remembered the pillar that mattered to me months later.

On Cross County Check Up this past weekend (mp3 audio here), I was surprised to hear all the people saying that the Conservatives should be happy because of his lack of charm, or the NDP should be happy because he's not strong enough for those socially concerned. From what I see, if he can prove he's serious about a real environmental plan and social plan, he'll draw all those who've been reluctantly heading for the NDP and Green Party trying to inspire change. The NDP and the Green Party should be worried. And, as a result, so should the Conservatives.

* Somewhat relevant Larry King link


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