Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Portable Copier

Anyone need a photocopier?

My neighbour is One Of The Most Impressive Cyclists I Know. Although, he's not the kind of guy to care about being given such a title. If I gave him a steering wheel cover, he would care just as much.

Yesterday, he gave me a photocopier. He found it, and thought I might be able to use it, so he carried it back to our building in his wagon that he towed behind his bicycle. This piece of office machinery weighs over 130 pounds!

As much as I appreciate his work, I can't make use of it. I thought this would be a good chance to experiment with craigslist.


Darren J 11/29/2006 10:55:00 p.m.



If craiglist doesn't work, try

I've gotten rid of lots of stuff that way. Best of all, the wantee comes and picks it up.

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