Sunday, November 12, 2006

Election Day Street Party

Passing on this announcement. If you have Monday afternoon free ...

It's all happening tomorrow...! Bring a videocam, if you can.

Green Toronto Now - street party!
Monday, Nov. 13 (3 - 5pm)


Pedestrians, cyclists, drummers, and people concerned about public spacing will be jiving it up at Bloor and Yonge to remind politicians we want a green, clean, people and bike-friendly Toronto – and about their promises to make the Bloor-Danforth bikeway a reality!
We will be gathering at the NE corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets. Folks from Drummers in Exile, Streets Are for People, and others will join in this call for environmental action and informed democracy for a safe, healthy, prosperous, and green Toronto.

=> Bring your crazy bikes, coloured balloons, flags, banners, favourite noisemaker / instrument, (flash)lights, CHALK, and...!



About Take The Tooker

The Mission

Create a continous bicycle expressway along Bloor St. and Danforth Ave , connecting Mississauga to Scarborough through the city core, helping to shape a bike-friendly and green Toronto as a living legacy to environmental activist Tooker Gomberg ( Gomberg was runner-up Toronto mayoral candidate in 2000; he passed away in March 2004.


Hamish Wilson
(City Councillor candidate, Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth)

416-531-3746 ext.1,

City Transformed

The video(s) below clearly demonstrate that far-reaching change *is* possible (even in a city of 8 million people!) - yet vision, leadership, and innovation are necessary.

12 min. video interview with award-winning former mayor of Bogota, Columbia, Enrique Penalosa

(If you don’t have QuickTime, try this link:

Short article: 'The Politics of Happiness' by Enrique Penalosa and Susan Ives.

Darren J 11/12/2006 11:07:00 p.m.


Hey Darren - take a look at

It's Canadian Geographic magazine's awards for local environmental heroes. I thought with his bike friday stuff, and the bikingtoronto blog in general, that Joe might be a good nomination?
Nice idea. Plus he got the Metropass Affinity Program rolling.
I took a look at the form again, and Joe has to sign it anyway, so I just emailed him and asked if he wanted to be nominated.
I'd been thinking it be a "surprise" nomination.

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