Thursday, November 16, 2006

Non-Motor Vehicle Magical Skill

Forget about parking in the bike lane (well don't really forget, but...), this guy is driving in the segregated bike lane in China. A woman decides to stand up to him. (Found through BikeLaneDiary)

I've talked to some well informed people who tell me it's far from surprising to see someone drive their car in a bike lane in China. Apparently, one of the problems in China is that government officials have different license plates from other people. Few police officers have the courage to stop a car with a special license plate. Coincidentally, I found a similar example online. It makes this woman's actions that much more admirable.

On a more important note, babelfish appears to translate "bicycling" in Simplified Chinese to the English "non-motor vehicle magical skill". No complaints here.

Babelfish Translation of the article from Nan fang daily

On October 20, rides the bicycle the foreigner smiled has been blocking the modern automobile which drove in the non-motor vehicle magical skill, hoped it returned to on the mobile traffic lane, suffered the driver crudely to treat.

When on 20th 8 AM of 50 minute, 网友, free photographer Lao An after Beijing east bridge street intersection (blue island building opposite), saw pushes a bicycle to a middle-aged foreign country female to block a modern Iraq Lante. "The original foreigner in requests it to leave the cycle track," Lao An said, after "several minutes, the driver fire, alit points at the foreigner to reprimand, and carried foreigner's bicycle on has fallen toward the side."

Finally, the compact car stubborn only "is tenacious" the foreigner, turned into the mobile traffic lane. "网友 sends the card said that vehicle finally or to continue in the non-motor vehicle magical skill to drive, this possibly is to my group of picture misunderstanding." Lao An said.

That very evening, Lao An has sent to the photography picture on own abundant guest, the topic is "Foreigner Helps People To improve Quality". Afterwards 网友 have joined, trades the title is "Which on October 20 the Beijing Street corner Occurs, Each Chinese All Want To think deeply!" Initiation warm discussion.

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Darren J 11/16/2006 08:45:00 p.m.


Here's a more reader-friendly translation:
this is nothing new. With growing economy in china everyone is ditching their bicycles for cars and the government is not building enough roads to solve the issues. The bike lanes in china has become roads for cars, buses, scooters, motorcycles and trucks. if you walk or bike on these lanes be prepare to give way to them.

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