Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cycling, coffee and pho

It was a busy weekend of bike riding for me.

Saturday morning, I departed for the west end of the city to meet up with the Take the Tooker folks. Car traffic was entirely jammed westbound on Bloor for about 4 km past High Park. How people can be satisfied with the status quo, I don't understand.

There were 5 of us starting the ride from Kipling Station. We left a little late from Kipling, which was fortunate for me since I was late by 10 minutes after the slowdown on Bloor. I can only go so fast when I'm squeezing between "parked" cars and the curb.

We picked up more people along the way. Martino joined in, and we probably reached 10 or 12 people by Spadina. At University Avenue, we met the people traveling in from Scarborough, bringing us to 20 or 25 people. It's not a bad turnout for such a drizzly day. Cookies were eaten and group photos were taken.

I met the real life Tuco. He's working on a petition that everyone should have a look at. The idea is to get the federal government actively involved in promoting bicycle commuting, through tax credits or financial support for bicycle friendly businesses. If you have suggestions, he's open to them.

Martino, Steeker and I went to Ideal Coffee (I Deal Coffee?) in Kensington. It was an ideal café with good coffee and friendly people. Strangers talk to each other there! So many people; so many on bikes.

Sunday, after spending the afternoon waiting for a candidate to knock on my door and ask me how to make the world a better place, I rode off to meet up with the human contingent of Toronto Human Powered Vehicles. The Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown was packed.

We talked bikes, biking, trikes, triking, trailers, trailering; among other things. Talking to other people who are pushing through long bike rides in the cold weather is always reassuring that I haven't lost it. We need to meet more often.

My ride home took me through the quiet University of Toronto. A guy asked me what direction the Paramount Theatres were. I pointed, but told him it was a long walk. I think he was offended, like I suggested he and his girlfriend couldn't handle it. I can understand.

Through Forest Hill, I saw where Jane Pitfield was getting her support. Fortunately our votes don't count based on property square-footage. Near Davisville, I passed a guy on a bike who was singing (I use "singing" loosely) "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I will rai-aise him up! I will rai-aise him up!" I have no response to that.

At home, I was fully wired from biking and Vietnamese coffee.

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Darren J 11/15/2006 12:02:00 a.m.


The hpv website is so confusing. How do you find out when they meet and stuff?
The best way is to sign up to the mail-lists.


Check the "Upcoming Events" section. Right now there's nothing planned, so there's only this past weekend's event listed.

If you sign up to the announcement list (Go to the "Communicate" section) you'll get notified of all events. Join the discussion list and you can help plan events. :)

Maybe we need to make that website a bit easier to navigate. I thought it was easy, but I threw it together. It's a wiki, so it's easy for anyone to contribute changes.

Ummmmmm. Cycling and Coffee; my two "Me Time" activities. Not sure about pho, but toss in Pad Thai and I'm there (in a virtual way ... Toronto is a long pedal from KC).
You are quite right. I stopped by Tuco’s blog and his initiative is quite worthwhile. Very nicely done.

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