Monday, November 20, 2006


The latest addition to my lighting system (center).

I bought this LED headlight last weekend at Mountain Equipment Co-op. It's bright enough to light up the road surface. I know there are brighter headlights available, but this one is good for a low cost solution, and I like that the batteries last weeks in an LED headlight. Most of the roads I ride on have street lights.

I set the blue-cased headlight on flashing.

Darren J 11/20/2006 07:56:00 a.m.


I've got that light as well. It works okay, but I can't really see very well with it on unlit paths. Then again, my night vision isn't really all that great ;)
LED lights have made quite a difference, being able to put the batteries in and forget about them.
I have the same two lights and like them both. Strangely, the blue one interferes with my Co-op house brand wireless computer for some reason so that in flash mode it reads a constant 40kph regardless of speed and in steady mode the computer reads a steady 0kph. Other than that they're great.
I'm heading down to MEC tonight to get a new helmet and new light stuff too... it's always so dark when commuting now (and for the next 4 months or so) that I need to be seen. :)

I'll probably pick up a SuperSpot like you to keep on steady, with the current one I have for flashing.

Thinking about getting a bunch of turtlelights for my helmet (of course) and my front and rear forks.
I have these horrible Decathlon things that don't light up much at all and come apart on the lightest bumps...I need to check your suggestion out.
Excellent ! now you can come on a waterpath night ride to pickering with us on your single speed or fixed gear
I have the three and five LED Beamer, and I was wondering if the super spot is that much brighter.

The three LED is fine as a "be seen" light, esp in flashing mode. And I have found that five LED is fine for unlit counrty roads (paved and unpaved) at night, with or without the moon.

Would the super spot be that much better?
Hi Anthony,
I'd say the Superspot is noticeably brighter and bigger than the 5-beamer, but it's not as good as a high end headlight.

I've used the 5-beamer on country roads, and it worked but was not great. I was straining to watch for holes and bumps at the last minute.

I haven't used the superspot outside the city, but beam is wider and longer, so you get more time to respond to anything on the road.

Sometimes with these lights, I replace the batteries and feel like I have a new headlight. It can make a big difference.

One annoying thing is that the SuperSpot advertised in terms of wattage, which aren't really relevant unless you're familiar with the properties of an LED. They should have used lumens.

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