Thursday, January 05, 2006

Slow start to the new year

With lots of Christmas cheer from the last 2 weeks (and a goodly dose from Tuesday night), the cycling is starting at slow speed this pseudo spring (aka January). I don't usually like to talk about speed too much around here because I feel like it's relatively unimportant (compared to whether or not I'm getting on my bike), but these last couple days have seen my average speed fall below 20 km/h, which gives me just a bit too much time to take in the scenery. This morning there was an evil headwind from the north also, which helped blow muddy droplets in my face (having no front fender on my mountain bike is starting to matter).

Speaking of evil, I was pedaling through the Willowdale riding yesterday morning and saw some evidence of potentially sinister goings on going on. It could have been nothing. In a short stretch of street, I saw three Liberal Party signs loose in the snow banks and two houses with both a Liberal and a Conservative sign in the front yard. On the way in today there were a couple Conservative signs laying on the ground. There are also Conservative signs along the edge of a park I ride by, which I think is not allowed, or shouldn't be.

The Conservatives have supposedly taken the lead according to the latest polls. As much as the Liberals annoy me, I'm still able to be more annoyed by the Conservatives. Are people actually listening to all the proposals being made? Government programs are expensive but just giving out cash to every single child in Canada sounds like a failed attempt to buy votes. Do the Conservatives know those kids are under 18? (ok, dumb joke. Developing my sense of humour from CBC radio isn't working).

Back to the real blog topic. My bike made a strange noise for the first few kilometres of my ride this morning. It sounded like the brakes, but I couldn't make it stop by wiggling them. Then it went away. I hope it wasn't the hub having salt problems.

Darren J 1/05/2006 01:00:00 p.m.


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