Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Weather and energy

It's turning out to be quite a mild winter. We've had a good run of days below freezing, but not much below -5 C (low 20s F). And now we're in this warm spell of +2C I can't use the weather as an excuse for not being out there on two wheels. My excuse today is a hectic schedule, but in the end it all comes down to priorities. It makes me sympathisize more with people who say they couldn't get around by bicycle because they have to do so much to take care of their children; something I haven't had to face yet.

Some worthwhile news stories

A Minnesotan magazine called Pulse of the Twin Cities has given a good how-to on winter cycling. It covers all the important issues like clothing, rust, tires, routes, and then gives this important bit of information:

"Perhaps the biggest barrier to biking in the winter, however, isn't meteorological, physiological or logistical. It's psychological. Langley says people think it's simply too difficult, and having a car in the driveway makes it seem like it isn't an option."

SUVs aren't any safer than cars for kids. Plus, these people might not like you anymore.

PEI is moving towards 50% of its energy from wind, and 100% renewable sources. If you're reading this, and you're about to go on a debate show like Crossfire and sit across from someone who will say "but PEI is so small, so it's as easy as pie for them to make a switch"; to them, you can say "don't forget that you may live in a big province or state, but you probably live in a region or county or town that is small enough to take on such a project and set such aggressive goals." What's more important is density, and, as the article points out, PEI is the most densely populated province in Canada.

Darren J 1/03/2006 02:26:00 p.m.


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