Friday, August 04, 2006

Sensible cyclist (and other redundancies)

"It's nice to see a sensible cyclist."

This was the comment I got from a driver in Thornhill a couple days ago. I laughed and said thanks and rode on.

At the time, I took his comment to mean: it's nice to see someone who is sensible enough to be cycling. When I'm busy pedaling my bike, my frame of mind is a bit different or maybe I'm a bit slow witted (it's just temporary of course).

After a few more strokes of the pedals, I realized what he was saying. He was complaining to me about the cyclists that "aren't sensible". I don't know if he means the ones on the sidewalk or the ones who don't signal. But this was in Thornhill, a part of York Region where a car is appended to each person's bum after they reach 16. Bicycles are for teenagers to ride into the forest carrying their beer. Whatever his complaint, I didn't know there were enough of us in Thornhill to light the anti-cyclist flame.

Maybe this is a sign of success, proof that cycling in York Region has crossed a threshold. We're starting to get noticed.

Darren J 8/04/2006 04:18:00 p.m.


Unfortunately biking in the northern part of York region is also still very dangerous. Monday a cyclist was killed, and one suffered serious injuries.
Thanks for the notice Jeroen. I've been far away and out of touch.

It's always sad to see news like this. I hope the Liberal follows up on the story, and it isn't just treated as bad luck.
I put the paper in the recycling box, but I recall the article suggested that fatalities in YR are "rare" as there had "only" been one this year up until the recent incident. A strange observation...

It appears that the Police are trying to reconstruct the accident, so charges might be pending. The report said that the cyclists were hit from behind while riding single file, but newspaper reports are generally lacking in detail.

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