Friday, July 28, 2006

Floyd Landis continued

Don't bother reading this commentary out of some Austin, Texas newspaper. It was written just after the tour completed, but seems more timely now. It almost made me want Landis to be steroid junky. Here's a snippet.

"And this time they won't be able to go around whining about alleged drug use by the winner like they did with Lance Armstrong. ... See, Floyd Landis, who won the tour Sunday, was raised in straight-laced Mennonite country in Lancaster County, Pa. So the French will be lucky if they can find an Advil on this guy. ... The French must be getting tired of getting clobbered in their own game — especially by a guy who's going in for hip replacement surgery this fall. Maybe, to be fair, the French riders should be allowed to use tiny little motors on their bicycles."

There are some bad stereotypes in there too, but I don't want to quote them. Talk about a sore winner.

For some much more entertaining anti-French sentiment, I recommend yesterday's episode of the Colbert Report featuring an interview with a Congresswoman from D.C. She basically accuses him of being a traitor. I don't want to give it away. In the same episode Stephen Colbert gives the best explanation for Landis' test results: Of course he had abnormally high testosterone levels. He's American! He has huge balls. He should get a prize just for sitting on that seat.

Darren J 7/28/2006 09:00:00 a.m.


I really am hoping that he is clean , the kids need real sports hero's now aday's not the steriod freaks which fill the ranks of most of the sports
I hope so too, Steeker. I definitely give him the benefit of the doubt.
Those kinds of comments are sad. Why must patriotism rise above truth? Of course it's a shame should Landis prove positive but shouldn't the truth be more important. And more than multi-million dollar heroes don't we simply need normal folks with normal values?

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