Friday, July 14, 2006


... Now pulling away from the peloton as we approach the end of stage twelve is Darren from team Mountain Equipment Co-op. This MEC team, fully stocked with bike commuters, is making a strong showing this year, virtually owning all of the jerseys. However, I should note, Phil, that they're all way too old to get the white jersey. Rumour has it they choose their members based on how many days worth of groceries they can carry up a hill and a required preference of beer over gatorade. It is a formula that is clearly working for them during this historic Tour de France.

I don't follow bicycle racing, but I do like to watch the Tour de France when I get the chance. I didn't really care who won, until now. Today I saw the interview with the current Yellow Jersey holder, Floyd Landis. Watch the video of his interview after he took the lead, and you'll see a top competitor who still has control of his ego. There's someone I can cheer for.

I think I'll see if there's a café or bar somewhere I can watch a few hours of the race on Sunday.

Darren J 7/14/2006 09:00:00 a.m.


Yesterday's race was fantastic. As a Dutch guy I was really pleased to see the performance of Boogerd as well (his 11th tour).
I was out late a wedding rehearsal, so I missed the replay in the evening. Like you Darren, I don't really follow the racing much. The tour offers so much though, so I watch it when I can. I'm always amazed at just how fast those guys ride, and for how long they maintain the pace.

I would guess that a place like the Jetfuel Cafe on Parliament would be showing the race.
What gets me is people assuming because I ride a bike I must be avidly following the Tour de France. It's not like everyone who drives a car is an avid F1/Nascar watcher, is it?
It's true, Steve. Last week a guy pulled up beside me in his car, and said "So, how about that Robbie McEwan?" My response "Who's that?"
I'm enjoying the Tour for the first time myself. Maybe cleaning up some of the doping has helped. Much more humble comments from the racers and the Tour is finally open to takers for a chance. I can't believe Landis let Pereiro go as he did a couple of races ago. They are both great guys and great friends and it will make for a good race.

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