Monday, July 10, 2006

Celebrate good times, come on!

The best cheer I heard yesterday was from a guy who I assume was not Italian, running down St. Clair waving the Green, White and Red, yelling "I have a flag! Yes! Whoo hoo! I'm waving a flag!" It's fun to yell and scream on the street once in a while. Us cyclists get to do it as much or as little as we like, and I can't blame anyone else for wanting to get in on it.

We had a fun time watching the game on St. Clair West at a Columbian restaurant packed with Italian fans. Spanish was the language at the bar and on the television. Cheering was in English or Italian. French was for whispering. During the opening performance from Shakira, the crowd, obviously out of respect for this child of Columbia, paid close attention to the television set. It was reported to me that one Columbian man had to leave the room because of the home sickness he felt watching Shakira.

I have now seen the most practical use of a Hummer ever: a dance platform. Ideal suspension for sharing the rhythm with your friends, flat roof, convenient handles for helping to hoist more dancers onto the platform. (It's in the photo. You just can't see it.) I have no idea how they got the thing onto the closed street. And there was no chance of it leaving the street for a long long time.

I took a bunch of photos, but you might as well look at those from an expert.

The bike ride in the rain this morning was enjoyable. I rode past an older couple out for a brisk morning walk without umbrellas. It's just warm enough that the water is refreshing. I change my clothes when I get to work, so I don't mind a wet shirt.

While waiting at a red light, I was thinking about the times when I was a kid, swimming in a lake when all of a sudden it starts to rain. Everyone sitting on the dock in their clothes runs away, but everyone in the water just keeps on swimming, jumping off the dock and having a good time. Inevitably, someone who ran away is convinced to change into a bathing suit and join the fun in the water.

Darren J 7/10/2006 08:12:00 a.m.


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