Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Cycling Cog leads to a group ride

The Cycling Cog website led to its first meeting in Toronto last week. We organized a ride for Wednesday night.

It'll be a fun cruise along trails and some roads. We'll start at Warden Station and take eastern Toronto bike trails, then through to the eastern part of downtown. Everyone is welcome. Look here at the event for details. If you're interested in joining us, but not signed up on the Cycling Cog yet, just let me know and I can help you sign up or give you the event details.

If you live somewhere other than Toronto, the cycling cog is still for you! It's basically a site that helps you co-ordinate meetings or fun rides with other cyclists, or co-ordinate group bike commuting. It has a whole bunch of other tools too. It costs nothing to sign up, and is there to be used. The more people who start using it the better. (I have no stakes in the site. I just think it's a good idea.)

Darren J 6/25/2006 07:08:00 p.m.


I like that route it was a blast on the fixed gear last time
I love the Cycling Cog!
soo I can't go unless I join :-( gee wizzz
Of course you can come, Steeker! Bring yourself and your Pinarello to Warden station at 7:30 PM.

(It's just easiest to find out about future rides if you sign up.)

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