Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Poll

Continuing from my untrained attempts at urban planning, fashion predictions, psychology, and writing, I now bring you polling. This polling may not be able to stand on the same ground as online newspaper polls and CNN website polls where the truth is found on issues like:

Does Iraq have WMDs?

Did John Kerry fight hard in Vietnam?

How many countries are there in Africa?

Let the people decide.

This week's poll decides which World Cup team has the most support in Toronto (or at least along my bike route). Over the past week, cars have passed me with flags flying from their windows. I've seen the flags of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Mexico, all flapping proudly from the rear window. Some people obviously love their countries more though, since they fly flags on both rear windows.

Surprisingly, I haven't seen any flags of Croatia, a flag that is usually popular on car bumper stickers around here. And I haven't seen any Korean flags either, which I mention because there is a sort of Korean area here in the north-central part of North York, judging by the restaurants and storefronts.

The country, though, that is receiving the most support from Torontonians, is ... now I don't want to scare you or cause mass hysteria of US congressmen ... the country with by far the most flags flying from cars in this part of Toronto is Iran.

An important point to make is that all the Iranian flags I've seen are the pre-revolutionary flags. Everyone supporting Iran in Toronto flies the flag from over 26 years ago, before the current government system took over. Maybe that will help diffuse the tension that is sure to come up on talk shows this weekend after this news gets out (on segments titled "the enemy north of the border").

Darren J 6/09/2006 12:47:00 p.m.


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