Thursday, June 01, 2006

Video from Monday Morning Commute

I'm in an internationally available motion picture!

Go to the Video Section of the York Region newspaper site. Click on the link beside the picture of the fireman (since it's much more dramatic than the story of my commute). If you want to see the video I'm in, click on the one beside the bicycle wheel. A word of warning: at the end of the video, those are my acting skills hard at work.

(My name isn't given anywhere, but I'm the guy with the orange shirt.)

Darren J 6/01/2006 04:22:00 p.m.


Can I call you "Al Gore" now? :)
Now you can say "I'm a cyclist, and I play one on TV!
Um, I said "Al Gore", because he's an international movie star too. :)
Oh, I thought it was because of the power I wield with the US liberal population. :-) Or my dry public speaking technique.

I am curious about what that guy has planned for 2008. During the 2000 campaign he was often accused of trying to play the public with his changing persona depending on the polls, editorials, etc. Now we've seen the beard, the shaving of the beard, the movie. It could all be part of the plan. (I don't fault him for it, since I doubt there's a politician alive that isn't planning an image in some way.)

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