Friday, May 19, 2006

A Friday in May

On this Friday morning ride,
A car does pass right by my side.
The driver listens at the light.
He learns from me, one metre's right.

Thumbs up he gives and drives away.
I pedal on and enjoy my day.
Content I am with this model exchange,
I ponder how fast the world could change.

Next a truck comes from behind.
He's not moving. Is he blind?
I make things clear; I take the lane.
He sees me now and slows in pain.

Giving me my begged for space,
His tires pass just by my face.
"What's your problem?" he demands.
Our back and forth was not so grand.

Hey! My friend's ahead on his bike,
I'm glad he didn't see my fright.
The light turns green and I'm calmed down.
We're back on slower side streets now.

The air is fresh; the conversation light.
A cloudy day is turning bright.
We pedal on and I remember why
It's always best to go by bike.

Darren J 5/19/2006 02:08:00 p.m.


Nice poem. :)

Yesterday and today I've had waaaay more interaction with people while riding my bike than usual. Not drivers, but a few other cyclists and tons of pedestrians.

For some reason, lots of kids and adults have been waving to me and and chatting when I've stopped. I'm actually starting to see a few more cyclists now too, and they've been waving and saying hello.

Hmmm.....I have even exchanged "hellos", waves, and "thank you's" with bus drivers.

It's like the world has popped some happy pills or something.
I didn't know monks were so lyrical. :) I've been noticing more waving among cyclists too... it's pretty cool.
Thank you. Thank you. I was worried prose was going out of style. I think it'll stick around a little longer though.

I guess you don't feel friendly with bus drivers Vic? I find most to be very concerned about the way they drive around me.
I too notice a lot more people on the road or it just might be that I notice bikes more now. Still, in my rural corner of the world I don’t get to see any commuters (or maybe there is this one guy I crossed a couple of times carrying a backpack.) I have to investigate and find out who he is – though we travel in opposite directions. I wave to all cyclists; they might think I’m weird.

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