Tuesday, May 09, 2006

To the drivers of York Region,

Another beautiful spring is here in our leafy and green part of the world. I've been happy to see quite a few more cyclists out on our streets.

About one year ago, I started cycling to work. At first, I rode once a week. I felt healthier and stronger as time passed. It wasn't long before the ride was easy to do, and my car was sitting in the driveway most of a month.

York Region may have some high speed streets that make cycling difficult, but it also has plenty of calm residential neighbourhood streets. If you look on a map, you may find most of the distance between your home and work can be covered on these bike friendly streets.

If you're considering cycling to work, I recommend learning about vehicular cycling and, if you can, take a course like Can-bike. Vehicular cycling means to ride like you would drive your car. Don't get caught between cars and the curb, and never pass a right-turning car on the right. Ride at least 1 metre from the curb, so drivers see you clearly. You might be surprised to hear that cyclists are allowed to use the whole lane, if they need it. This requires some care, but is useful over narrow bridges, or near potholes.

In the meantime, I'll do my best to not slow you down, but please remember that you'll easily catch up to the cars ahead after you wait to pass me safely.

Hope to see you outside.

Darren J 5/09/2006 04:24:00 p.m.


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