Friday, May 12, 2006

Streets are for picnics

Toronto's Bike Week is not so far off anymore. Actually, if you look at the official calendar, it has already started! This is a PDF of all the scheduled events.

I'd like to make it to what I see as the official kick-off event: Critical Mass on Friday May 26th, which is followed by Critical Ass (how rude!). I don't know if I'll actually do Critical Ass, but I'm hoping to make this my first successful Critical Mass. What would happen if I got the schedule backwards on those two events?

Then on the Sunday May 28th from 1 to 7 PM is bike racing in High Park for all ages and skill levels. This sounds like something I'd like to check out. I could be convinced to race if there's a skill level like "has trouble with pedals and changing gears".

Finally, and most mysteriously, is an event that I'll do my best to seek out:

Sunday June 11
Streets are for Picnics
Secret time @ secret place
Giant street party with music by the New Kings. Bring your bike, your kids, your
sweetie and your mom. BYOPB (picnic basket that is). Dads also welcome. 416-929-4900

I picked up The New Kings' CD last year, and listened to it non-stop for a couple weeks. I found myself riding my bike around the city afterwards, singing parts of Street Fighter to myself (probably screwing up most of the lyrics). It's great music and these guys have something important to say.

You really need to hear it.

By riding our bikes, by choosing carefully what we buy, we make a difference. In my mind, who you give your money is more important than who you give your vote.

Darren J 5/12/2006 05:15:00 p.m.


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