Monday, May 15, 2006

My Monday Night

If Sunday brings are broken rear axle, Monday brings a trip to the bike shop for a replacement, along with a bit of grease on the fingers.

Anticipating success at the big repair job, I rewarded myself with some ice cream beforehand.

As for food:

I've now had a couple avocados. Ripeness is key.

The fish snacks are actually very good and not fishy tasting. I tried the herring in tomato and basil sauce.

Cinnamon on the oatmeal is tasty, especially with some chopped up apples.

I even had some Indian buffet.

Darren J 5/15/2006 10:31:00 p.m.


Bravo for trying new foods ... make it a regular habit.

Yes, ripeness is key with the avocados ... they've got to feel soft; it takes some planning to buy them 'hard' and have 'em ready for the following week.

Heath food stores can be intimidating or, at least, confusing (sensory overload of unfamiliar food stuffs) but try to make it a point (a habit) of going on a regualr basis and trying one new 'thing' each time - for a while, anyway.

Most health food stores are small, cramped and sort of cluttered (being small independent operations) ... with interesting stuff packed from floor to ceiling. So, allow yourself some time to browse.

There is an excellent new store on the South/East corner of Lawrence E. at Warden (if that is convenient for ya), [beside Play It Again Sports]. Called ... Essence of Life, it is different in that it is much larger than most and set up like a grocery store: lots of space, with fresh produce, large dairy section, and great sports nutrition. And the best prices in town, to boot.

Enjoy your nutiritive explorations.

Healthy Guy.
Thanks for the tip, HG. I don't make it out that way too often, but it sounds like a good place for those in the Scarborough area.

I don't find health food stores too intimidating. Most have friendly and helpful people working there.

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