Sunday, May 28, 2006

Newspaper interest

The word is getting out about the York Region cycling and pedestrian meeting. It's now mentioned in an article called Changing Lanes, by Serena Willoughby in the York Region Group of newspapers (Liberal, Era Banner, Economist and Sun, etc). You'll even find some comments from local cyclists.

Come out to the Unofficial Group Commute North tomorrow morning! You can meet me anywhere along the way. There is a distinct possiblity of there being some media coverage.

On a related note, I see a lot of people find their way to this web site while searching for maps of cycling routes in York Region (especially when the weather is nice). Just so you don't spend too much time looking, I'm fairly sure nothing exists online. The closest thing I've found is map of trails mainly for walking, hiking and running. I know some of those routes work for cycling. You could try using Google Maps to pick out calm streets. Or there is a map that's for sale that I've seen at bike shops. I don't know the name of the company that makes it (I'll post it here if I find out).

Darren J 5/28/2006 10:20:00 a.m.


I hope your ride worked out this morning! What a great idea.

I'm going to be bussing to work for the next few weeks until the new baby gets settled in at home.

I'm guessing there will lots 'o bikes about the city this morning.
There didn't seem to be too many people heading North as I was leaving with the main commute, but hopefully Darren picked up a couple on the way.

And I don't think you'll be bussing to work today, Andrew... ;) (Hopefully the TTC operators will be back to work tomorrow, so that people can bus in, and get those cars off my street.)

I live and work north of Steeles so Viva and the YRT are still operating. All things considered, I'd rather be cycling.
The ride went well. It would have been cool if there were more people. We ended up meeting a couple people at the end point of the ride, so no donuts were wasted.

I'll put up some details when I get a chance later today.

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