Monday, June 05, 2006

Silly Cyclist

Shock for a pair of Toronto police officers this morning as a cyclist comes to a complete stop at a stop sign.

One of the officers laughed out loud after seeing me come to a complete stop including one foot on the ground.

There were two officers guarding a film set in a north Toronto neighbourhood. They were blocking traffic from going down one street at a four way stop. Traffic was light, so they seemed to be enjoying their morning. I don't see many police officers around, so I thought I might as well show off my best complete stop, especially given the fact that Cycle Right might be coming up. I could see one of them smiling as I stopped, but when I unclipped from my pedal and my foot touched the ground, he couldn't keep it in anymore.

I hope they're there tomorrow. I'll be demonstrating a complete stop along with the slowing and stopping hand signal.

Darren J 6/05/2006 12:29:00 p.m.


blow right though it and see if they're fit...
I suppose it's like that old observation that the one thing that makes someone a better driver is a cop following behind them.

Many drivers that I encounter don't expect me to actually stop either. At many intersections they'll frantically try to wave me through even though they've got the right of way.

I rarely use the stopping hand signal. I do most of my braking with my left hand anyway, and I would rather brake than signal ;)
Dude you are such a rebel
You know it. Be careful about who you associate with.
a rebel without a pause
This is hilarious!
For me,
Stop sign = guess I have to look around a bit... possibly slow down.
Stop all way = everyone else stops- no need to even look. If a car came to a stop less than 5 seconds before I reached the intersection, the right of way is definitely mine.

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