Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Test pilot

Living life on the edge, I test piloted the one speed last night.

There are a few things to work out. First off, I need to do some wheel truing. This is no big deal. I was kind of lazy and eager at the same time, so I took it out without finishing the truing.

The pedals feel funny. I think the axles are bent, so I may need to buy new pedals. I'd like to have pedals that let me ride in any shoes, so I might stick with regular pedals with toe-clips.

Comfort: this is the biggest problem with the bike right now. It just feels all-round uncomfortable to ride on. The seat is amazingly uncomfortable. It is made of hard plastic and it feels like hard plastic. I'm hoping some readjustments can improve things. I'm used to drop handle-bars, but something with this bike is off. I may need to raise the handle bars. Maybe I should get some big moustache bars. And I need to move the seat forward or back. I'm not sure yet. I should do some studying.

Darren J 8/02/2006 02:10:00 p.m.


Get ready for the FUN:D
If you go with the 'stache bars, definitely write up a review of them. I think they look very cool and I'm interested in trying them, but I don't know how they would ride.

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