Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lady to Harness Power of Her Wind

…and cast a glow over the harbour like an angel; a bluish-green one.

The Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum will be powered by wind turbines located in Pennsylvania and New York State.

From the article in the Guardian:

But environmental campaigners say almost half the renewable programmes signed into law last year remain unfunded. "The president's pollsters are telling him that high energy prices and his drill-only energy policy are driving his job approval numbers down. So he's decided to go out and tell Americans what the polls tell him they want to hear," said Philip Clapp, president of the National Environmental Trust. "It's just the same old oil guy doing photo ops at solar plants."

What is democracy if it isn't about appeasing public opinion? The missing piece is that the public opinion should be an informed one. (It's especially good if the public is given the information I want it to be given). This good news is at least slightly manipulative.

To help keep things in perspective, here are some numbers on New York power generation sources based on a report by the EIA after the 2003 power outage. In 2003, 51% of electricity used by people in New York state came from burning fossil fuels. Wind power must be somewhere in the "other" category at 1%. New York isn't the only place with very low numbers for green power sources.

It's still good news even if it is on a very small scale. Maybe it will serve as an advertisement for wind power, letting people know that it is real and it is available now.

Darren J 3/15/2006 10:17:00 a.m.


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