Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Folding bikes and more

A professional reporter would have given you a thorough review of the Bicycle Show by the middle of last week. Since that's not me, I'm delivering bits and pieces that seem relevant to what's currently passing through my head. (What does it mean that I haven't posted anything for a few days?) Hope it's still of some interest.

One item that caught my dad's eye at the Bicycle Show was a low price folding bike called the T-bike. We didn't take it for a test ride, so if you're looking for a review, I found this in the Globe.

It's pretty darn affordable at $190, which seems like a good thing to me if you're not really sure if the folding bike scene is for you. "Folding bike scene?", you say. Yes, there is a folding bike sub-culture. I give all responsibility for it to this guy from Wales. I suspect he could keep the scene alive on his own enthusiasm.

Unrelated: one of the most exciting things to see at Bicycle Show was the BMX track in the Ricoh Colliseum. My dad and I got front row seats after entering mid-competition. The first few moves were decent, but only a bit more crazy than what I might have tried when I was 8 years old. I gave a polite clap, and wondered why no one around could have the courtesy to make some noise. Then I saw what we had been missing. They started to spin and flip like I couldn't have guessed. One guy did front flips! The front flip on a BMX looks so unnatural that you have to be amazed at it.

Even more unrelated: sometimes the postings on Craigslist give me a chuckle. This person should go into advertising, if not there already.

One more item: Torontoist gets it. Thank-you for caring.

Darren J 3/14/2006 03:30:00 p.m.


Nice timing on this article. Just as I was reading it, an email came from my sales guy at Bike friday confirming that my bike should be shipping around March 24th. Woowoo. Yes, I'm *very* excited to get my folding bike. Looking forward to travelling with it etc. I even got the "suitcase that turns into a trailer" option. If it arrives in time, I may be able to take it with me to Ottawa on a work trip in a few weeks.

I was hoping to see more folders at the Bike Show. The T-Bikes are like the lowest of the low-end. Would have been fun to see some Dahons and Bike Fridays, or Bromptons. Actually, there was a Bike Friday parked at the cross-Canada touring booth...

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