Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cyclists for peace

I just noticed these photos from a Los Angeles protest during the State of the Union speech. Old news, yes, but I liked the protest signs.

No War, Screw Big Oil, Ride a Bike, Peace.

Here's the story on CICLE.

Read this too!

I currently don't have cable, so the bulk of my news comes through Canadian sources right now. I feel slightly disconnected from the general feeling in the U.S. on all these issues. However, the little I see and hear gives me the impression that the attitude about the war in Iraq is changing significantly.

I should probably start listening to NPR again online. I'd like to click on Foxnews once in a while just to see what they're saying but then I end up helping their advertising numbers. At the NPR site, the biggest risk I face is accidentally putting myself on a mailing list for a jazz appreciation club.

Darren J 3/01/2006 10:34:00 p.m.


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