Thursday, February 23, 2006


Something I like to think about when I'm biking is that the people who see me on my bike might think "Hey, that guy is getting where he wants to go. And his legs are smaller than those found on Lance Armstrong and Curt Harnett. I do that on the weekend. I could probably handle it on a weekday." It's the little reminder, a small promotion for this fine mode of transport.

Let's say you're puttering around some shops looking for some quality vegetables. You've already locked up your bike, so the average stranger would have no idea how you got there. There's no chance of this stranger asking what the best biking streets are in the area.

Or maybe you're playing guitar in your rock band. The lead singer has the microphone. He never gives the mic to you even though you were supposed to get to do some of the between song banter. How will your fans know that you prefer two pedals and two wheels to get you from Yonge Street to Keele?

Or you're busy coordinating the merger of Bank of Montreal with the Royal Bank, and have no time to remind your CFO and the whole finance department that there is no better way to get yourself to King and Bay.

Ideas man Joe over at Biking Toronto has solved these problems by designing a line of t-shirts and buttons to help you let everyone around you know about your favorite way to get around Toronto. He hasn't added any mark-up yet, but is considering adding something to be donated to a bike-related cause like the CBN. They are downright cheap, although the shipping costs make it more attractive to buy more than one shirt. Why not buy one for everyone in your family?

Check them out!

I'll be modeling mine here very soon.

Darren J 2/23/2006 12:21:00 p.m.


Dude your legs are not small :P
Hey Darren. Thanks for the promotion. I've got a shirt and buttons coming to me... unfortunately I won't have a button for you and Herb tomorrow - not sure when they'll be here. If we do add a bit on top of the prices to donate to CBN, it may be very good if we can get CBN themselves to promote it, as well as TBN and the City of Toronto on their cycling page. :)
Love the shirts! I have also enjoyed knowing that just being out there doing my thing on my bike sends a message to others about the possibility of doing so. But I dont live in Canada (much as I wish I did).
'spose I could get away with wearing one anyway? ;)
Hey Griffin... I've had thoughts of adapting the design for other cities (Portland and NYC came immediately to mine) and donating the design to biking community groups who can use it to fundraise or whatever.
that would be so cool, let me know if I can help!

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