Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One part of my lighting system

Darren J 2/08/2006 07:49:00 a.m.


Is that the same as what you had in the fall? Two LEDs on the front? I seem to remember a halogen. Anyhow, that's a good pic, because the light reflection makes it look like your handlebars are glowing white (which would be cool). I've been thinking of adding a LED or two to both the front and back of my bike - so I'd have 2-3 headlights and 2-3 taillights all flashing away on my handlebars and on my seat post. I've also been thinking of getting a lot more turtlelights. :)

This also reminds me that I should get off my butt and write up the "Lighting" entry I've been collecting links for. :)
The halogen light only lasted a few days. It was useless. The batteries died quickly in the cold and light was so dim next to my LED lights.

The reflection is mostly from some reflective tape I put on my handlebars. It always shows up well in a flash photograph, but I don't know how much it stands out on the road.

I definitely like to have multiple lights. Here's my current setup, which I've gotten many compliments on from pedestrians and people driving cars:

2 planetbike headlights shown. Usually one is flashing, one is steady.
2 white MEC turtlelights, one on each side of my helmet. Usually both flashing.
1 red MEC or planetbike rear helmet light. Flashing.
1 underseat flashing red (low quality).
1 big rectangular MEC red tail light. Usually flashing.

All are LED lights.

The more the better!
I feel so under-protected looking at this photo.
nk, Maybe I'm overdoing it for the city, but I have to ride on Leslie and Bayview in the suburbs with lots of cars doing 80 km/h or more. Fortunately it's only for short stretches.
It's definitely needed for Bayview, and can't hurt in the city. Anything to make sure drivers see you. Some of them don't see anything besides other car-sized things unless you remind them you're there.
Hmmm -- I feel a bit vulnerable with just a light in front and a red one in back. I have been just trying to get off the streets before dark. Mostly
I thought I was fine until I saw the back of my bike in a video made during the ride for Ryan Carrier in November. My rear light (and the red turtle-lights hanging from the back of my courier-bag) was not very visible. Turns out my battery was pretty well dead, and it works better now, but I'm still aiming at more lights.

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