Monday, January 30, 2006

Budget meetings!

For Toronto cyclists out there (which must mean more than half of all Torontonians), if you can make time in your schedule to attend one of the upcoming budget meetings, you may be able to help "the cause" of getting the Toronto Bike Plan moving. Fortunately, the meetings are spread around the city and at times that should be convenient for people with weekday work hours. If you're the kind of person who thinks these meetings might be a bit dry (what?), think of it as witnessing the very democracy people around the world dream of in action. It's just like when Simon says "no", but Paula and Randy say "yes", and because of what we know is right, in the core of our beings, that person gets to go to Hollywood.

I'm thinking of attending the North York meeting, but I don't know if I'll work myself up to saying anything. Maybe a well timed clap or a groan. Even though I know I should try to speak up for suburban cyclists, the idea of speaking in front of hundreds of people isn't something I look forward to. At the very least, I'll be able to report to you what happens, and write another letter to my councillor.

The priorities that I see for cyclists outside of the downtown core are:
1. Installation of the bike paths planned in the Toronto Bike Plan. (Bike lanes are important too, but if they are on major streets, they aren't going to attract the inexperienced cyclists like bike paths do).
2. Promotion of motor vehicle safety related to passing cyclists, right of way for cyclists and pedestrians, along with reducing aggressive driving in general. (Included in the Bike Plan)
3. Coordination of practical North-South and East-West cycling routes with surrounding regions. (mentioned in the Bike Plan)

I really hope a few cyclists show up and speak out, for everyone's benefit.

Cyclists and pedestrians could benefit from changes to traffic laws also, which I see as more of the domain of the provincial government. Martino has a comprehensive list of ideas from Levi Waldron that would make life better for cyclists and pedestrians. Many of challenges cyclists and pedestrians face every day could be improved without major infrastructure projects, but just through changes to laws (along with advertising campaigns). This is assuming there is enforcement of new and existing laws.

Darren J 1/30/2006 04:37:00 p.m.


You should get up the nerve to say something if you feel the need. What you have to say about biking is valuable. If everyone only groans or well times their clap, how will anything ever progress?
I love the American Idol analogy.
Oh, you've heard of the show? I was worried my reference was too obscure. :-)

And thanks for the encouragement, Anonymous. (Did I mention it will be a very well timed groan?) Really, I'll see what I can do.
Maybe you should throw in an "oh, that's COLD!?!!!" after a very well-timed groan. That would get the budget committee's attention.
Dude, you must be the most popular site on the internet because of this Kensington Market thing... I'm getting a TON of traffic from your site. Good thing... people deserve to know of a bike blog that has cool apple juice and american idol things.
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I have deleted the above comment because I believe it may have made libelous statements against Leah the bike courier. There is no reason to believe the statements were true.

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