Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cyclist killed in Newmarket

I wish I didn't need to write this again. This time a cyclist was killed in Newmarket. There aren't many details in the news right now.

For anyone familiar with Newmarket, you'll know that this is a newer intersection, quite expansive. Mulock Drive has fast moving traffic that bypasses the slower moving older parts of town just to the north, although the speed limit is probably 60 km/h at the intersection. That's all I can tell you from memory.

Darren J 1/19/2006 02:45:00 p.m.


OH crap. I will wager that she was doing far more than 60. The limit may be 60 (?) but I'm pretty sure the minimum for most drivers is 80.
My friend was watching the whole thing unfold and the cyclist didn't even look over his shoulder. He crossed three lanes of traffic without looking. The car nearest to him saw what he was doing and slowed down to let him across, but it seems that the next car, driven by a young driver, may not have been aware of what was going on and hit him as he crossed into her lane.

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