Sunday, January 15, 2006

Looking Elsewhere

The NY Times ran an article about the change in communities over recent decades and the lack of spontaneous game playing by children now-a-days. Maybe it’s because of the way the NY Times selects its letters to publish, but the number of responses that discuss car free neighbourhoods or bike friendly communities is surprisingly high.

In case you missed it, Jacob Allderdice wrote an articulate letter to The Toronto Star about cyclist safety with regards to potential improvements to our right of way laws. It was very similar to this post. He included statistics and detailed information. The response that was selected to be printed came from a motorist from Brampton (?) who has the unusual fortune of being surrounded by cyclists every day.

In "cycling weather," not a day goes by when, at a four-way stop and it is my turn as a motorist to go, that a cyclist doesn't come barrelling through, without even stopping, forcing me to take evasive action to avoid hitting the cyclist.

I only recently discovered The Fat Cyclist (apparently it’s a very popular blog). He has a great post on lies cyclists tell themselves (and others). Make sure you read the bit about biking to work. My casual conversations with people at work are getting way too close to being one-dimensional, but that’s just because I have so many interesting things to say about cycling.

Darren J 1/15/2006 10:39:00 a.m.


The thing I hate when people rant about inconsiderate cyclists, and there are inconsiderate cyclists, but certainly not the majority that these people make them out to be - is they fail to consider what this same person would be like driving a car. Where they would go from being simply an annoyance to downright dangerous!

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