Wednesday, February 15, 2006

T-Shirt Weather

Environment Canada was predicting today's high at 4 C when I checked this morning, but the temperature was already at 5 C. That's OK though because they're still the best source for weather information. I'm very forgiving. They've now increased the high to 9 C, so my trip home could be nearly subtropical, or subsubtropical.

This morning, with 2 km left in my trip, I stood on the sidewalk at a major intersection and, as if song two was abruptly coming to an end, I tore off my upper layers of clothing. I packed my fleece and jacket away and finished driving my bike to work in just a t-shirt. (And pants, long johns, gloves and a hat. I like to be comfortable.)

I'm back on my road bike again. It feels like spring is around the corner. I passed three other happy cyclists this morning (only 2 were smiling but I think the third was smiling on the inside). This is about half as many cyclists as in warmer weather, which isn't bad at all.

Make sure you keep an eye on how Jill is doing. She's taking off on the Susitna 100 in a couple days. Very cool.

Darren J 2/15/2006 03:51:00 p.m.


Hey Darren,

Does today count as "subsubsubtropical"? :)

It actually wasn't a bad ride to work today at all. The roads were wet and just a bit slushy in a few places. Only one side street that I used to connect from Dundas to Bloor was covered in snow. The freezing rain is supposed to happen during the day, then turn to regular rain again. I figure the ride home should just be wet too.

I'm still hoping for a REALLY heavy snowfall this year. Last time we got one was in December, and it took about 90 minutes to take the bus to work becasue of the gridlock (yes, Etobicoke gets gridlock!). I figured I could have cut through all of that and saved myself half an hour and had more fun too.
Hi Vic, Maybe spring isn't around the corner afterall. But I'll probably change my mind on that within 24 hours. Strangest winter ever. We'll probably end up getting one of those big late March snow storms.

I didn't think it looked very good for biking today so I took public transit. It's good to hear it wasn't so bad on the bike. I think a lot of the time it looks worse than it ends up being.
Hi guys. The WeatherNetwork is saying tonight will be 8C, while tomorrow 3C, and then cold on the weekend. Craziness. I did a ton of riding yesterday, thankfully. All over downtown and the East End.
Yesterday was so nice and springlike indeed! Was flying along Dundas East at 35 enjoying the mild air. So imagine the shock looking out the window this morning. Brrr. Just came back from walking to the store which was very tricky with sidewalks turned into ice sheets. I expect the roads are better than the sidewalks (the wonders o salt) but I'm still having trouble to get motivated to take the bike out.
Ya, thanks for blowing your wad too early! Bastage!

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