Monday, February 27, 2006

Critical Mass Games

I didn't go to Critical Mass on Friday. The mass did flow past me while I stood on the sidewalk though, and I was happy to see it. (This fits with my ongoing brushes with Critical Mass). It was a small but vocal group. I was outside the Bloor Cinema, waiting to go watch "A State of Mind".

A State of Mind is the story of two girls and their families as the girls train for performing in a massive dance or gymnastics show, known as Mass Games. As well as enjoying the fun and social aspects, the girls are inspired by the possibility that their leader, Kim Jung Il, will be appreciating the beauty of their collective dance. (Surprise, surprise, he turns out to be a real jerk, and doesn't show up to watch). The girls are talented and perform some unbelieveable moves, creating a scene of human movement that is unlike anything else. If they were cheering for a Texas high school football team, they would kick ass in a cheer-off competition. This is a fascinating movie. There were times when it was a bit slow (not enough car chase scenes), but for the chance to have a view inside North Korea and hear conversations, albeit from carefully chosen citizens, the movie is well worth spending time watching.

Keeping with the theme, the next day I watched Team America: World Police with one of my friends. This film gives another unique view inside North Korea. More time well spent.

Completing the circle: back to the heart of America where I expect Team America Member Sarah would say, "I'm sensing some hostility in New York City." Apparently the number of arrests at NYC Critical Mass is down, and things are calming slightly, but that doesn't mean the situation is good there.

The photos on Sucka Pants do not paint a rosey picture. With the cyclists bundled up for a cold February bike ride, the image of hundreds of people gathered in the streets with their faces partially covered looks intimidating, until you see the army of police on motorcycles lined up to control them. Didn't anyone tell those officers that motorcycles are required to ride single file?

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I seem to have the "Team America" themesong in my head WAY too much. It can't be healthy. :)

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