Monday, March 06, 2006

Cycling Cog

There's a new tool available for cyclists today. It's called the Cycling Cog. The idea is to create a way for cyclists to connect with others who may have similar commutes, or would like to go for recreational rides with other people. The purpose may be for an online discussion, or to actually meet up and ride together. Every cyclist knows how much more comfortable it feels to have a few more cyclists around you.

You may be considering starting up with using your bike to get to work, and it would help to get some advice on routes, cycling technique, or equipping yourself for your commute and work day.

Or you may have lots of experience and think you could help others out who are new to riding their bike on a regular basis.

This is aimed at cyclists everywhere. You can imagine how it could help cyclists in big cities or small towns. Either way, it's very easy to ride at a slightly different time from the other cyclists and never know you have friends out there.

Check it out. Create an account. Connect with others. Meet cyclists on the road. Start creating small critical masses everywhere every day.

Thanks Herb!

Darren J 3/06/2006 10:16:00 a.m.


Mind if I use your tips on crossing the 401 at Lord Seaton Road to make a point with city and province traffic people about issues we have at that corner?
We're looking to make light changes that will hopefully help drivers, cyclists and pedestrians equally.
I know the post you are referring to, and it is a long one. Please make a reasonable effort to keep my comments in context and I don't mind at all, Tom. I appreciate you asking, and that you're keeping cyclists in mind in your recommendations.

What that intersection needs the most is something that would reduce the number of cars there, such as:
- a safe cyclist crossing of the 401 (many safe crossings are needed)
- practical cycling routes on Yonge and Bayview and between in the area south of the 401,
- traffic lights at York Mills and Old Yonge St.
- and more that I'm sure I'll think of after a good night's sleep.

There is some kind of crossing of the 401 for cyclists recommended near Willowdale in the official Bike Plan that you may be interested in.

I'd love to hear what you're recommending for the area, if you're interested in sharing.
I'd like to share the details of my agenda and recommendations for this Thursday's traffic meeting, but only after the meeting, which will allow me to give you an idea of the response I got.
My report (prepared from a 5 day study in mid-February) is too lengthy to paste here; can you give me your e-mail address (I'm at and I'll gladly send it off to you.

Rest assured that your portion of the support is intact and in context.


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