Monday, March 20, 2006

First Day of Spring

While on my trip to work today,
I pedaled up behind a coworker.
He was on his brand new bike.
He decided to start cycling to work.
It was a good day.

Temperature: -5 C
Wind: 32 km/h North, gusting to 41 km/h
Windchill: -13 C

Darren J 3/20/2006 07:04:00 p.m.


Congratulations and happy Equinox, I read somewhere that the average bike commuter inspires 3 none cyclist to take up cycling, sounds like you now work with an example.
Good stuff, Darren. I've had zero luck getting coworkers to ride. Most of the time, they consider me an eccentric.
We have a couple of year rounders at my work and I am often asked what to wear and where to buy things for bikes and as soon as the snow is gone all the bikes spring up
That's awesome Darren. There are 3 winter-bikers at my work, and our ranks swell to 10-12 in the summer. I have a feeling they'll need to expand bike parking facilities at work soon.
I hope your coworker wasn't too put off by the weather to try again :) Usually its nice to start off in nice weather and ease your way into it. But if he's hardy enough to decide to try when its cold, he'll become a regular :)
I think he was surprised just how cold it was. He picked a pretty challenging day to start. It was as cold as many days in January and February. He's really interested in biking to work though, so it should go well.
Wow, he's going to LOVE spring and summer, starting out in this. Having said that, this morning wasn't too bad, and the afternoons this week have been beautiful!
If he gets discouraged, give us (I mean the people like me, vic, tanya... etc. who you're reasonable sure aren't freaks) his email and we can send him encouraging words. :)
Thanks Joe. I'm sure he'll be alright.
(plus I don't think he would want more encouragement than he's already getting from me!)
A good day indeed. ;-D

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