Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here and there

Copenhagen times its traffic signals for cyclists at 20 km/h. Our Conservative Government has the same plan, and it's scheduled to be implemented across the county in 2049.

Speaking of the "new government of Canada", Rona Ambrose is getting demoted for delivering her boss's message.

The United Kingdom is considering carbon rationing. I wonder if this would involve passing on the carbon ration as an item gets resold. I guess it could be up to the market to decide. If a grocery store buys a mango, it might pay for the carbon ration that the truck driver had to buy, which would mean the grocery store might choose to pass that cost on to the customer. For electricity consumption, this would help those very efficient families who pack 14 people into one house and are paying premiums because they look like a very wasteful family of 4. Who’s demographic is that?

Toronto Sun writer Moira MacDonald goes car free. It’s not one of those articles where someone rides a bike for a week to prove “it can’t be done and this is why I need my SUV.” She’s doing it for real and it’s working for her and her son.


Darren J 12/28/2006 08:01:00 a.m.


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