Thursday, December 14, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Ontario Helmet Law motion passed

Misguided politicians voted in favour of the motion for an expanded helmet law. I believe this means that the issue will now be debated. It is not yet law.

Ontario Legislature unanimously calls upon government to make helmet use mandatory for province's cyclists

TORONTO, Dec. 14 /CNW/ - The Ontario Legislature unanimously passed a
Motion today, calling on the government to make helmet use mandatory for all
cyclists in Ontario.
The Private Member's Motion, introduced by Kitchener Centre MPP John
Milloy, also requests that the government explore legislative measures to make
helmet use mandatory for those using in-line skates, skateboards, scooters and
similar devices. Finally, the Motion calls upon the government to initiate a
comprehensive safety and education campaign to help promote helmet use by
cyclists, in-line skaters, skateboarders and those on scooters or using
similar devices.
At present, only those under the age of 18 are required to wear a
certified bike helmet when cycling on Ontario's roadways.
Numerous studies have indicated the success of helmet legislation and
education at reducing the number of serious injuries and even deaths.

For further information: Drew Collins, Office of John Milloy, MPP,
Kitchener Centre, Tel: (416) 325-1856

I am sure they are doing this thinking that it is helping out, but it is not.

Many of the reasons it is wrong to make a helmet law have been listed by the Citizens for Safe Cycling president on the Viki site.


Darren J 12/14/2006 05:20:00 p.m.


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Politicians are idiots.

Pretty soon, they'll have pedestrians wearing helmets. Oh, and if you fly anywhere, you have to wear a helmet and a parachute, just in case.
if they would only pass and enforce the NO cell phones in cars as fast as they did this.... (Bill68 I think)
australia has this law and people have stopped cycling. so much for the health of the people. we need a petition to sign against the bike law.
Observe those who currently wear helmets - especially at this time of year - the helmets are rendered worse than useless when a woollen hat or balaclava is worn underneath and the hemet- perched atop this effectively doubles the size of the wearer's head increasing the potential severity of rotational forces on the C vertebra (C1= death C2 = paraplegic - if lucky etc) not only that but it increases the potetial of making head -ground contact and the wearers inevitably make a total mess of the strap adjustments too so the potential of losing the helmet on impact - or being garotted by the straps is high. Then you see smiling nerds riding with a helmet on their head and strap undone! Go to real cyclign places, and increasingly notice in London, the lack of helmets and per capita low level of cyclist injuries.
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