Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bike Friday Arrives

It looks like I'll be riding with at least one other person. This being the first time for the event, I'm already ready to declare Bike Friday a success.

Joe has done an impressive job with Bike Friday. Coverage in the Star has been very positive. The mayor and Adam Giambrone are aware of the event. CFRB will be covering the whole thing as well. It'll be really interesting to see what happens on the last Friday of September.

Speaking of news coverage, I'm pretty sure there will be an article in the Globe and Mail on Saturday (maybe just the Toronto edition) about cycling in the suburbs. There's a chance I'll be quoted. The article was postponed twice, so this time I'll check inside before buying fifteen copies.

Darren J 8/24/2006 09:55:00 p.m.


I've been waiting for that article too! Let's hope it runs.

Good luck with your BikeFriday ride tomorrow morning.
There ended up being four of us on BikeFriday Northbound this morning! Not bad at all. Details to come.

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