Tuesday, December 06, 2005


With our "marathon" eight week election campaign underway, I've been thinking about our government situation lately. The impact of federal politics are less immediate than municipal and provincial politics. And all the debates that make American federal politics so urgent and relevant play out differently here. We can't choose whether or not there are troops in Iraq fighting for oil for western economies, but we will benefit from it, and the biggest choice we can make is how much of that oil we use everyday.

"Adscam" and the current Liberal government is not a connection that I make as readily as most of the people I hear on the radio. I view it as something associated with a few baddies who I hope will lose all their savings and end up in jail. I don't expect one party or another to be directly involved in the criminal trial that should be taking place.

What I do hold our Liberal Party responsible for is their lack of action on Kyoto and energy consumption. If you have any sort of remote feeling that Canada is doing well in this area, read this. The only thing we have done is agreed to Kyoto. Individual US states are probably going to end up implementing Kyoto-like regulations faster than us.

My studded tires arrived late last week, but things have been too busy around here to get them installed and grease up my bike for the salt. I'm hoping tonight will be my chance to get it ready, so I'll be able to ride tomorrow and tear it up through some snow.

Darren J 12/06/2005 07:45:00 a.m.


Ugh who to vote for. Harper is opposed to Kyoto. The Liberals don't act on it. The NDP wants to subsidize the auto industry - granted for green cars - but cars are still cars. I guess I don't know enough about what the Green Party plan to do.
It could turn out to be an interesting election. I used to consider it a wasted vote, but I'm considering the Green Party this time. I'll have to do some reading on what their policies are over the next few weeks.
I started up a page on my wiki a few days ago for people to post information about the parties' promises/platform related to cycling, transit, etc.:


I welcome any other additions. A few people have contributed already.

Thanks Vic. Great use of a wiki ... I mean viki.

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