Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bicycle Carolling!

I just got this from Toronto's Community Bicycle Network. It's for this Saturday!


“Just hear those Bike Bell jing-a-ling; ring, ting tingaling too.

C’mon it’s lovely weather for a bike ride together with you!”

Greetings from the Community Bicycle Network!

We’re getting together to sing some bike-friendly holiday carols at this Saturday’s International Day of Action on Climate Change and we need your support!

As you may know, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (first of its kind since the Kyoto protocol came into effect) is now underway in Montreal. The eyes of the world are focused on this conference and we as Canadians have a unique opportunity to promote immediate and globally inclusive action to deal with the current (and looming) climate crisis.

The rally is on Saturday, December 3rd and is scheduled to begin in Toronto at 1:00 PM in Nathan Philip’s Square. We’re going to meet at the Intersection (761 Queen Street West) for 11:30 AM so that we can decorate our bikes and become familiar with our “sustainable” new lyrics. We will depart for the rally at 12:30 PM.

Bring costumes, bicycle ornaments, bells and any other sort of sound-invoking device. Lyric sheets, juice and muffins will be available. Feel free to create your own versions of the holiday classics and e-mail to for inclusion in the handout.

Oh come all ye cyclists, joyful and triumphant! Bring your family and friends as everyone is welcome to join the chorus; the march will be pedestrian paced.

See y’all Saturday!

Darren J 12/01/2005 01:00:00 p.m.


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