Tuesday, November 29, 2005


We're getting some very heavy rain this morning. It took a few minutes for me to convince myself to travel by bicycle. As part of my effort to find out how well I could manage without a car, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to put this mode of transport to the autumn weather test. In the past I've ridden in the rain, but it is almost always on my way home. If it's in the morning, it starts raining after I leave home, so the decision was easier.

In the end, the most unpleasant part of the ride was putting on my shoes that were wet from yesterday's ride home. Once I got outside, I had nothing to complain about. My hair and my feet got wet. The horror.

The rain pelted my face while going down the big hill at Hogg's Hollow. I wore my DJ Jazzy Ravemaster yellow sunglasses, so that was no problem. The cars behind me must have been convinced I was taking my life in my hands, because they actually stayed back and gave me BOTH lanes of Yonge St northbound. I couldn't believe it.

When I arrived at work, my suspicions were confirmed. The people I talked to seemed to think I was crazy to ride a bike in this weather. There are probably hundreds of people riding their bikes to work today in the downtown core, but somehow it becomes a sign of lacking mental capacity out here in the suburbs.

Maybe they're right. With all the focus on the rain, I did forget my belt today. I feel like a bit of a goof walking around the office pulling my pants up all the time.

Darren J 11/29/2005 12:26:00 p.m.


Hahaha. Good for you! Thanks for the heads-up on that Hummer link too... I hadn't clicked through on it until you asked.
Hi, I was soaked within minutes of my departure this morning. I'm glad my fenders work but my feet got soaked anyways :) Good thing it was nice & warm! I managed to get my stuff all dried out pretty good with my ceramic heater under my desk! my colleagues also think I'm nuts...its unfortunate that this is the perception. I'm on the ride home in 1/2 hr! Watch for turning cars they cant see anything in the rain in the dark...but drive anyways...
it's pouring here in MA as well, but warm. I didn't ride today since it's not Friday...that's my only day to bike commute currently.

btw, thanks for the link!
That is a sign of dedication, commuting in the cold rain. Who cares what your fellow suburbanites thinK? You can laugh all the way (away from) the gas station.
I like to laugh past the gas station, but I'm hoping to get a few of those people joining me next spring.

Luckily the internet let's me peek at what awaits me in the future months. Very encouraging!


My snow tires arrived yesterday. I can't wait to get going with them.
"lets" not "let's". I typed that too fast.

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