Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Turning randomly downtown

I have a few rides I like to do on the weekends. One of them is to head down towards Kensington, then just ride wherever I see a road that looks like a good road to turn down. I'm slowly learning my way around the smaller streets downtown.

This is up near what used to be Varsity Stadium.

The stop in Kensington included a great discovery: an empanada shop where I could walk my bike right up to the counter. I'm so tired of the minutes lost while I lock my bike up outside empanada shops! Actually, this may have been my first empanada, so I was cautious and ate the beef version. It was one of about 15 different flavours. I'll definitely be returning.

I stopped at MEC and bought another one of those "emergency" turtle LED lights. I've attached it to my helmet on the front and it is a perfect addition to my lighting. I received two compliments on my ride home on Monday! One of the good things about having a helmet headlight is I can aim it right at a driver if I don't think he or she saw me.

Here's what I saw after leaving MEC. (I've probably taken this photo half a dozen times).

I took a spin down to King St and looked for the skateboarders that are always in front of the CBC building. No one was there so I took a picture of myself instead.

I headed north up through U of T. Cool campus. I haven't been through here for years.

Then I went through a time machine in the physics department and stopped in front of the soccer field.

Darren J 11/16/2005 08:54:00 a.m.


Great pics Darren. I love riding down side streets in Toronto... it's so easy to come across cool little discoveries. How'd you get your turtle light on the front of your helmet so you can aim it?
I love the exploration of turning randomly and coming across something new. Unfortunately I've been around downtown too long that I never seem to stumble on new discoveries anymore. And sadly the burbs offer little in the way of cool discoveries. But its neat when you walk or cycle you notice details you never noticed before going by faster.
I attached the turtle light using the elastic that is on its tail. It wraps nicely through a couple of the holes on my helmet. Luckily it aims forward well when it's attached. There are probably lots of helmets that require more effort to get the light aiming in the right direction.

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