Thursday, November 10, 2005

Real Sport Utility Vehicle

It's too dark outside now to get a good action shot, unfortunately. I just took this knobby machine for a test ride through my neighbourhood to check out the rack, panniers and lights. I even got to take it for a novel offroad run down a hill. It looks like it's ready to go for the commute tomorrow.

My road bike is now in a shop waiting for parts to get all the repairs done that are needed. I'm sure I could have done the repairs myself with a bit of reading and buying some tools. My excuse to myself was that I didn't want to risk ordering the wrong parts then figuring it out after I installed them half-way. Plus the jobs would be pretty messy to do in my apartment.

New bike, so new odometer. For purely record keeping purposes (and nothing to do with my ego), the old computer says: 2591 km. Before I installed the computer, I estimated that I did around 500 km or more. So, let's say I'm at 3091 km for the year so far. I put a brand new computer on the mountain bike that I got as a gift a couple months ago. Among some new features, it gives me my pedal cadence, which I'm looking forward to playing around with and finding out about.

Darren J 11/10/2005 11:59:00 p.m.


What kind of odometer did you get? When I was researching odometers a while ago, the best deal I found was $40 for the Cateye Astrale 8 at Europe Bound. The other bike stores I checked not only couldn't match the price, they were convinced that Europe Bound was losing money on each sale.

(Also, was that you who was talking to Tanya just before the start of the memorial ride? I was chatting with her but had to go get my bike, and didn't manage to introduce myself.)

The new one's a VDO. I can't remember which model. One of the good things about this one is that it looks like the contacts are sheltered pretty well from the rain, so it might actually keep working when things get wet, unlike any Cateye I've had. But I do like the Cateyes. I've had a few and they've been very reliable other than that.

I've never used the Astrale 8, but I know it's popular. $40 looks like a good price for it, since that's about the same as what is charging, which is usually a good measure.

Oh, and it wasn't me before the ride. I'm consistently late for anything going on downtown, so I didn't arrive until everyone was half way along Queen St. I was talking to Tanya and Joe after the ceremony.
I use a VDO wireless. It works pretty good.

My wife uses a Filzer wireless. She likes that one, and it was half the price of the VDO.

I forgot to mention that the VDO wireless that I have will take two different wheelsets, so I should be able to swap it between my bikes. I need to get a transmitter/handlebar mount for it. I hope MEC still carries that stuff ;)

I had the Filzer dB4L (not wireless) and I can confidently say that it was a huge waste of my 14 dollars. The thing would reset every day or two, so I'd have to re-enter my wheel size all the time. And that's if it decided to start working. This computer is the reason I am just guessing at the 500 km.

When I went to return it, there was a woman there returning her wireless at the same time. She said every now and then it told her she was doing 70-80 km/h. I'm glad it's working out for your wife. I guess Filzer makes some duds, and I got one.
I sometimes get 'phantom' reads with the VDO wireless one. If I park the bike near the window in the office, it will come on and off all day long to the tune of about 100-200m. If I park it in the back room, it doesn't happen. *shrug* Strange stuff.

Some days I sure could use that 70-80km/h boost of speed ;)

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