Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I was lucky enough to meet up with Tanya and Joe afterwards. This internet of ours creates a strange world where I can feel like I've known someone for months, without ever meeting them. (I've actually known Joe for a long time, but haven't seen him for years). I felt like a bit of stalker asking Tanya about something she did months ago. I'm glad we finally met. The three of us rode part of the way home together along Queen St. It was a nice change to have some company on the road.

Darren J 11/09/2005 12:18:00 p.m.


Hi Darren - it was great to meet up with you too. Don't worry about seeming stalker-ish, its cool when people remember what I wrote, although sometimes I have a hard time remembering myself so it takes me a minute to clue in :)
Yeah, it was good getting back in touch Darren! It was great meeting Tanya too, of course!

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