Friday, November 04, 2005

Smart Commuting

Someone at The Region of York must have a sense of humour. It's really the only explanation for this web page. The photo is not only from nowhere near Richmond Hill or Markham, but it isn't even from this continent!

What it should say: Bike commuting in York Region is great. The weather is usually comfortable. Riding on the less busy roads works out well, taking you through friendly neighbourhoods, filled with trees and a few factories. But if you want to cross a highway you're pretty much on your own. And if you're looking for a bike path that leads from anywhere to anywhere, go to the city of Toronto or maybe Ottawa, otherwise we would have put a good link to a bike path map here.

Darren J 11/04/2005 01:02:00 p.m.


I think I llike your text better ;) If I saw as many bicycle commuters in a day as in that photo, I think I would have a smile on my face. On a good day, I might see three on my commute.

I don't totally understand this comment: Some public buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the bus

The only buses (and darn few of them) I've seen with racks are on TTC buses as part of their pilot program.

Where do you think that picture is from? It does remind me of a couple of places in Europe... but who knows. Like the pic of your bike, but where is the one with you on it!
It looks like the UK to me because of that arrow. Maybe we should have a contest to figure it out.

As for a picture of me, I'm trying to keep the mystery alive. You can sympathize, right?

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