Monday, February 04, 2008

My baby girl

For just over a week now, my wife and I are proud, happy and exhausted parents of a little girl. This picture is from the morning after she was born. She was born 8 lbs 8 ounces on Jan 27th.

The first 4 days were the most challenging endurance event I've ever made an attempt at. Sleep was rare. I thought randonneurs were the only people who tried to get by like this, but it turns out millions of others have done it before.


Darren J 2/04/2008 08:36:00 a.m.


wooooohooooo awesome news :-D. congrats to you both. now four more babies and your set
Thanks Steeker!

Yeah 5 kids should be enough for when we need to start living off the land :-)
Congrats, Darren, she's a cutie. I'd hold off on the bike trailer for a little while, though. A couple of years, get her a like a bike.


Nice work! Another cyclist in the world.

Hope you're recovering nicely by now. My wife had her first baby a couple days after yours was born. Every day really is a new day when you're a week old!
Darren! I just saw this! Congratulations to you and your wife (sorry, I forget her name). What did you name her?
Congratulations, Darren! I'm sure she'll love the trailer when she's big enough to ride!
well how are you and the miss's and the wee one doing ??????

just a video to show what you'll be looking forward to in a couple of years. Time by goes really fast!
Thanks again, everyone.

We're doing alright. It's not easy following orders from someone no bigger than my thigh, but she's starting to get a little more reasonable lately.

Love the video of the like-a-bike Jun!
HOW Adorable! the thought bubble is killing me with glee :)
Yeah it's strange how she dreams in stick-figures :-)
Give her time :)
Give her a year and you will not be able to keep her out of the trailer. It's a blast until you are coming home from the hardware store with ten gallons of paint and two kids in a trailer.

Ok, that's still a little fun.


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