Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sharing part 2: Reconciliation

This morning, I was in pedestrian mode, walking my bike instead of making a normal left turn. While standing on the sidewalk, starting to cross, a minivan pulled up to the stop line in front of me and started to ease through to make a right turn on red. I yelled "hey!" and pointed at the light. He stopped, albeit in the ped-crosswalk. The guy rolled down his window as I passed in front of his van. He looked a little stunned.

I said, "I'm sorry". I'm getting tired of yelling at people, adding to the anger on the streets.

He said, "I'm sorry too."

Me: "I just face a lot of bad stuff out here and I get a little testy sometimes."

Him: "Don't I know it."


Darren J 9/20/2007 06:02:00 p.m.


I really like this story. I can totally relate to the "getting tired of yelling" thing.
If only more people said the phrase 'I'm sorry' more often. I tip my hat to you.
Thanks. I was pretty blown over to hear him apologize so sincerely to me.

I realized after I wrote this that I should have specified that his "Don't I know it" was said at the same time as my "I get a little testy". I don't think he was just telling me that I'm a moody road user.

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