Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two Big Years

This site is two years old today. I started it off with no big plans and no expectations. Back then, I had this feeling that my comments on other peoples' sites would give the impression I was a little bit crazy. I decided I wanted people to know that there was a real person behind the comments, so I would start my own blog. What better way is there to show you’re real than to talk to a computer a few times a week?

Since I'm feeling all reflective, I'll say something about the tag line for the site. "Finding Freedom on a Bike". At the time, I was entirely sick of hearing George Bush talk about freedom loving people (the good guys), and freedom haters (no, it's not complicated of course; those are the bad guys). I had this impression this site might turn into a big rantfest against George Bush, so I wanted to make it clear I was a freedom lover in case his employees (or his managers) found this site. They would see the word "freedom" in the corner, and say "Hey, it's no flapping stars and stripes, but he's a freedom lover. No need to worry about this guy." So far, it's been very successful.

There seem to be so many of us who know bikes are something special but are surrounded by people who haven’t yet caught on. Until they do, we’ll be considered "into" bikes, and that’s not such a bad thing.

Thanks for reading, or maybe skimming, and thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate you stopping by. Maybe we even got to meet in real life. Even better. I still find it amazing how people connect through this network.

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Darren J 8/30/2007 11:59:00 a.m.


Happy anniversary. Keep up the good work.
Hey Darren - the pleasure has been all ours.
Did you buy that new bike yet? When do we get to see pictures?

Have you ever noticed that when you blab about the government on your blog, your statcounter starts showing hits from government ISP's? Sometimes it is very X Files! : )
Happy birthday!

Hey Darren, how did your garden turn out? I'm drowning in tomatoes this year.

Warren, will do my best. Hey, that's an unfortunate video on your site there. Soon everyone will be breaking at least one law all the time, so the police can stop anyone they want. But stopping at a stop sign isn't asking a lot.

Tuco, I bought it on Wednesday! Today's my second day riding it. Pictures and report next week.

I have seen the x-files effect. Especially if I say anything about a federal politician, like Gordon O'Connor, Stephen Harper, Olivia Chow, Michael Ignatief, or Peter MacKay. Guaranteed hits from servers first thing in the morning.
The garden is not so good. I have lots of carrots, but almost all my tomato plants got walked on by raccoons. I think they were annoyed that our dinner kept interrupting their sleep.
Happy anniversary! I have been one of your non-commenting readers for a few months now.
Your blog and Tuco's have inspired me to create my own. Keep the rubber side down.

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