Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This quick fix is a sure thing!

I almost forgot! Whew. Good thing I didn't. Today is May 15th. Time to go out and get a good deal on gasoline since everyone else is protesting and gas will be cheap!

These days have come and gone in the past, but this time there is actually pretty strong support for it. I've received email from a number of friends and coworkers encouraging me to support this effort.

It's not that I don't feel sympathy for people who are spending a lot of money on gasoline. I know changing one's lifestyle can be difficult.

I just wish people would see the flaws in this whole plan. To have an impact, people must avoid using gasoline, not just buying it on a different day.

The whole thing reminds me of an episode The Man Show from many years ago. The show's stars, always eager to embarrass their rivals (women), set up a stand in a shopping mall advertising The Chocolate Diet. Eat as much chocolate as you want! In fact, eat as much chocolate as you can, and watch the pounds melt off your body. They had no shortage of takers. Everyone loved the idea. Someone was so eager to participate that she purchased and used a chocolate suppository they were selling. Then The Man Show had a good laugh at "women believing in the most easy fix, even when it makes no sense." I have a feeling this rule isn't so gender specific.

Everyone will find out tomorrow that this buy-no-gas-day is about as useful as a jumbo sized chocolate suppository.

Darren J 5/15/2007 03:37:00 p.m.


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