Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Bike T.O. and so do you

I Bike T.O. You Bike T.O. Check it out.

Today, is the start of something new. A group of us have started a web site called I Bike T.O. The idea is to create a site that will provide a single place for news and announcements related to cycling in Toronto, but also to connect people through discussion. One of the features I'm looking forward to seeing is our profiles of cyclists around Toronto. I expect we'll all see that there is no stereotype that fits cyclists in Toronto.

I'll keep writing my personal stuff here (let's face it, I write some ridiculous stuff sometimes that may not be worthy of a site with a "focus"). If I feel like I have news items or stories that are relevant for I Bike T.O., then I'll put them up there too (or more likely, I'll post them there only).

Go over and have a look. If you have comments or advice, please share. Sign up on the site, if you like. You can start a discussion. Or just comment anonymously.

My hope is that the site will create enough interest that people who have never heard of blogs (or would never bother looking at them) will check I Bike T.O. out, and start to hear about the things going on in the city.

I expect my contribution to be that of a suburban point of view. I live in the official city of Toronto, but commute to the suburb of Richmond Hill. Things are a little different out here. Some would say it's hard out here for a cyclist. There are times when just by riding on the road in this part of the city, I feel like a radical activist.

Things are changing though, and I'm seeing quite a few cyclists further north as the weather warms up. It could be a very interesting year ahead.

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Darren J 5/01/2007 12:48:00 p.m.


Some mornings I feel like a radical activist with traffic whizzing by me at 70 km/h along 16th, too.

Still, I'm beginning to see the odd bike commuter now and then.
I'm seeing a few more bikes in Durham actually. I think the weather this week has been the big catalyst. Some guy (or girl?) had a really nice Kona cyclocross bike locked up (with a little thin cable lock) at school on Tuesday, and yesterday morning I actually caught up with an engineering prof on an old steel Trek road bike and we road the rest of the way to the school together. Never thought I'd see the day!

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