Saturday, March 24, 2007


These were spotted in the window of a barbershop downtown. It looks like they actually have a working drive system and brakes.


Darren J 3/24/2007 05:51:00 p.m.


Let's get the top one for the HPV group ok,pleaseeeeeeeeeee
I have the tandem, a smaller yellow one, and a single person red one.

the brakes and pedals/chain do work :)
yeah, i've seen these! Bay and Dundas, near the bus station.

I was going to ask the guy if they'd sell me the penny farthing. I've been looking for a miniature PF for a while. I need one for a present.

Anyone know where I can get one? mini, or full size?
Mez, those are the ones!

I don't know where to buy them. One guy I talked to mentioned Vietnamese or Indonesian stores. Maybe they get imported from there.

The penny farthing in the photograph is a creative one. It has 3 wheels.
Hey Darren, at the PHood for HPVOoO, RGB took a few pictures of the bicycles available at our meeting place.

The last few show some nice ones.

B (aka. Otto_lt).

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